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Shouts of Joy!

TESTIMONYOver the last several months I have been blessed with encouraging words and testimonies of others who have been faced with the challenges that I have been dealing with. Testimonies of those who have been healed or placed on treatment programs that has allowed these people to continue living their life and expressing their gifts to the world around them.

Last year God introduced me to Tom Schermitzler, and I was blessed to hear of how God healed him completely. He has been walking in that healing for over 20+ years.

A few days ago, while heading over to see my neurologist I was blessed to hear Clay Walker’s testimony. He was on Joel Osteen live. He told of how in 1986 he had been diagnosed with MS and the doctor told him that within four years he would be confined to a wheelchair, and that within eight years he should be dead.

This devastated him; he was on the brink of becoming the super CW star he is today. How could life be over for him? He cried out to God and shortly there after his doctor told him of a new drug. He started taking it and has not had a relapse in over eighteen years. And his country and western career has exploded.

upright-MRI-open-MRI-machineIn October of last year a neurologist gave me an order for two MRIs. These MRI’s are needed so he can determine the current status of how MS is affecting my body, and so that he can make proper treatment suggestions.

As I asked God for direction, I felt led to go back to the doctor who gave these “impossible: orders. I hated to go back to him and admit my defeat. But I had been working since October on figuring out how to get them done.

I finally gave up and went back to the neurologist and told him I didn’t have a clue how to manage these orders. No one would even tell me how much these MRIs cost, so I had no idea what kind of financial obligation I was looking at. In the mean time my body has been under attack even more so from the raging blows of the MS, and not letting up.

But I found – that what I “thought” was defeat – was actually a door of opportunity opening for me. And a door of opportunity to witness God show up and show off in my life again.

I left his office feeling embarrassed at having to admit to this man I couldn’t get something accomplished. Which, most doctors might have said, “Oh well… not my problem.” Instead he called on an organization that supplies grants and gave them my info… they called me a few days later.

I answered their questions and supplied them with the information needed for their review. Then few days back I was blessed to receive two grants that covered the costs of both MRIs; a total of over twenty-nine THOUSAND dollars ($29,854).

I could buy a car for that amount, or a condo… I would have never thought… Hey, lets take this money and go sit in a loud obnoxious machine for a couple of hours in total discomfort (woohoo). LOL

But the testimonies that God has blessed me with hearing and the direction and provision He has granted still points in the direction that He has “got” this.

I don’t know in which way He intends to work this all out for my good, be it total healing like in Tom’s case, or finding me a good drug to get me functional like in Clay’s situation. All I know is that He has promised to cause all this to work out for my good. The pain and discomfort I am experiencing will not be for a life time.

“…Weeping may last for the night, But a shout of joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5


Getting ready to shout ya’ll. Woohoo!!!

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The Greatest Sacrifice

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

While going through all my things, purging my life, I found this; one of my most cherished items. It rested next to the Bible given to me so many years ago; the greatest source of freedom I know is that of a man who laid His life down for me. Jesus and Col. John L. Robertson – two heroes – both made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.     20160430_132756

One thing I have always held dear, the sacrifice this man gave, and his family. I often pray for them, and hope I would one day find them; maybe return this to them. Even though it would be difficult to part with it.

~ God Bless you ~
Col. John L. Robertson 
USAF 09/16/1966 NVN
and your entire family 

If anyone knows them, or can help me find them, I would greatly appreciate it.

Please continue to pray for those who walk the line for us everyday, and for their families. I cannot even begin to understand how they feel, or the emotion that it holds for them to go off to strange and distant lands to fight for things we take for granted everyday. Nor of how their loved ones feel watching them leave, not knowing if they will return.

Those of you who do know – because you actually live it – please forgive us.