Annette and Me

This past weekend has been incredibility life changing for me. The prayers and words of encouragement from my friends and church family have significantly improved my mentality and strengthen me inwardly toward the promise of believing for true healing.

The physical challenges I have been dealing with over the last few years from the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis have taken their toll. Keeping me isolated in the depressing thought that I am meant for the same fate as Annette. We share the same diagnosis, and according to the progress I’ve been going through, this was to be my future.

I also have challenges to deal with from a rear-end collision on April 1, 2012. I was waiting to make a turn into a driveway, and a man rear-ended me at approximately 70 mph. I have a bulging disc at the base of my skull, and two more in my lower back. The combination of this mixed with the MS symptoms has made life very undesirable. If it had not been for my faith in God, my Father, I know I would not have been able to manage all this pain and interruption in life.

I watched the attached video a few years ago, with my symptoms increasing almost on a day basis, it totally scared me to know that this might be me at any moment.

As I watched today this same story of Annette Funicello, I can still relate to her story. I’ve had that drunken walk that made me not want to be seen in public. Slurred speech, shaking, extreme exhaustion, and spasms which bound my body in severe razor-sharp pain and had me into tears.

All I could think was God, please take me before I reach the stage Annette had reached. I was happy to see Annette had someone who cared and loved her enough to stick with her, not leave her in a place to die all alone. But then… I knew I had no one… that brought on a whole new level all its own of deep depression.



Over the last few weeks, I have made it an effort to get as much prayer from those around me as I can. My caregiver – Anna – is a believer, and she comes daily, hugging me and loving on me, praying when the symptoms get too hard to bear. Doing things for me that I have not been able to do for a long while, which has been pretty much everything. God gave me His best when He gave me her to look after me; plus, she makes the best cup of coffee in the world.

I moved closer to my church hoping that I would be able to drive the short distance, but the fatigue and physical challenges seemed to grow worse. My hopes of being back with the people I love were crashing down all around me. Trying to go regardless of the pain and what was going on physically made me so self-conscience. I did not want ‘them’ (the people I love) to see me like this.

My doctors have all prepared me for the worse… there is no cure. MS is incurable, I just have to learn how to manage my symptoms. Then during my last neurological visit, my doctor added, “And it looks like you have an incurable blood disorder as well.” Thank you very much, pay the cashier on the way out…

Driving home I began thinking about this life and how it was getting to be too much to manage. How can I do all that I am called to do when I can’t even make my own coffee half the time.

Over the next few weeks, I found myself crying out to God, “How come it always has to have the word “incurable” tacked on to it… why can’t I go through something that does not take an act of… You to fix it? What is up with that?”
(Yes, I talk like that, He’s my Father, not some ogre waiting to slap me upside my head; although I am prepared to duck a lot.) LOL

In my heart I found myself with God in His heavenly library, He reached up and pulled down a dictionary. He opened it and started scanning its pages. It appeared that He could not find what He was looking for, so He handed it to me. I looked at Him, and He said, “I can’t find it…” As I looked down the list of words on the page, in my heart I heard His voice, “Incurable is not a word in ‘My’ dictionary.”

As I meditated on that thought, I realized ‘incurable’ a man-made conclusion that causes people to lose hope, causing us to accept a fate given in this life. As a believer, I have fought between the mentality of what doctors have determined and what is the “Good and perfect will of God for my life.” A battle in which I know, I am not alone.

But God is good, and His mercies are new EVERY morning. And I said all that to say this… Be Encouraged in your fight against what this life has dealt. It’s hard, especially if you don’t have any support. If you don’t have any support talk to God about it, ask Him to show you where you need to be to get that support – then go there. If it’s a church or care group, or maybe it might be letting those you have been keeping at bay nearer.. then go there or do that.

We can’t allow ourselves to continue living in the pain of man’s definitions. We have to take God at his Word and let our family (brothers and sisters in Christ) near us to pray for us. Regardless of what life looks life. That is part of what our calling in this life is – to encourage and lift each other up.

I’ll confess I don’t always make it to the church on time for worship or the message, a lot of time I have gotten there just as everyone is walking out to go home, but my primary focus is getting that prayer connection.

If you live out in the boonies, on the top of a rock in the middle of an ocean somewhere and don’t have anyone to pray for you, private message me. I love to pray. You don’t have to get me all up in your business if you want simply private message me the word “PRAY.” When I get it, I will stop what I’m doing and pray for you for one minute; and you can do that at any time. However, if you don’t live in the boonies or on a rock, I would highly recommend getting around people who can lift you up and love you, who can encourage you and pray for you personally.

It has made a different in me physically just in the short time I have been doing it. One person said it looked like I was standing straighter, and I am. I’m still using my walker, but I am standing stronger. FYI: When I stand and not hunched over in pain, I’m six-foot tall.

Check to see if there is a Healing Room near you.

Here is a link to help in finding one if you need it.

Our’s here in Houston is the greatest.

So I’m here to tell you prayer works. The word “incurable” it doesn’t exist in the Kingdom. We need to start using and believing the Dictionary that God uses instead of the one we have always accepted and believed in.

I was watching a video (Todd White) a few days ago, testimonies were being given. A woman came up and told her story of being barren, then finally being blessed with the ability to have children. I believe she said she had three children. However, the third child had a ‘incurable” diagnosis given to her. The doctor all but told this woman her baby would never be anything but a vegetable and a liability. In grieving alone in the child’s hospital room, this mother cried out to God… “What is this? You blessed me with this child, and now I am told she will never function as a human being. How could this be?” She sat on the floor at the foot of the child’s bed weeping. She felt the presence of God move into the room; He sat down on the floor next to her. Within a few minutes, He took her grief upon Himself. He sat with her silently for a time but then spoke… “You know this diagnosis has a name, and that name is a powerful and devastating name. But I’ve come to tell you that I have a name too – and it is the NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES.”

She testified that her child that was given this ‘diagnosis’ who would not ever be anything but… is now scooting across the floor, getting ready to start pulling herself up – soon be walking, and eventually to run. They said this baby would never eat on her own, would always need to be tube fed, yet she reached up one day and took a piece of popcorn into her little hand; then ate for the first time.

I praise God that this mother did not believe man’s definition of that diagnosis. And that she chose to believe God’s voice in the matter.

The Name above all names.

When I cried out of my diagnosis, God showed me His library, (which I love by the way).
The mom… He gave her hope in knowing that His Name rules over all others names including the child’s diagnosis.
What is God telling you about your diagnosis? Your situation? Your…?

God is a good Father to His Children.

Be Blessed ~ Be Encouraged.

Side note: Every time I write one of these lengthy posts about half way through it I hear my spirit say, “Ya know what? This would make a great blog post.” LOL
For all who may be interested is my blog/website, I’m still a work in progress, but hey, aren’t we all.



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