Nuggets of Strength


I made it to church yesterday, even though everything in me said not to go. My body was faltering in ways that often forces me to want just to give up and toss in the towel.

I even had to get help out of the sanctuary into the lobby at a point when I felt too shaky, and I was afraid I was going to fall flat on my face on the floor.

Thank you, Jim Fleming and Butch Smith for your tender assistance.

At that point, I wanted to leave, wishing I had not bothered coming at all; mainly because I didn’t want my church family to see me like this. Call it pride, and it may be to some degree, but I don’t like feeling this way; especially around others. I would rather just stay home and isolate. But I know.. I’ve been doing that for the last four or five years, and things haven’t gotten any better. I’ve missed out on getting to know the family God gave me, and I’ve not been receiving the prayer I’ve needed. 

Just another way that the thief comes… to kill, steal, and destroy things in life – isolation. Not wanting to be the burden that comes from being ‘diagnosed’ with health issues. But… not getting any better; to kill… to steal… to destroy… it all lines up with where the enemy (satan) wants to keep me/us.

I stayed… took communion, and even went down and received some much-needed prayer. I was also able to pray for several others myself.

Then there was the “gold nugget” I got to take home with me, that one item I could hold on to the rest of my week. A nugget that would wake me up this morning and let me know that no matter what is going on in my physical body… “It is well.” Thank you,

Thank you, Angie Ruata for singing the song.

Father God, I love you.


Kingdom Startups Class

This week Ken will be discussing what the business plan is used for, the parts of a business plan, the research process, and business entities. The class is free and begins at 6:30 on Monday nights in the Fellowship Hall. Click the link below for all the details. C’Ya!

For more details click here: Kingdom Startups

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